Recent blog post about Forage

This blog post is thorough and fair. Compliments to the author who took the time to actually contact Chef Bowman during the process of writing the post in order to check for any mistakes in the descriptions of the meal. Enjoy!


Open Table Top 100

Open Table recently posted a list of the top 100 restaurants in the “Fit For Foodies” category. Forage made the list. The results are generated from the reviews of over 5 million Open Table users.

Check out the article:

and here:

and also at this unsuspecting location:

New blog post from Wasatch Food

Look at the blogs page to see the entire list of blogs that have mentioned Chef Bowman and/or Forage. Although the Wasatch Food blog at the top of the list is the most recent review from a food blogger that I’ve found, the rest of the blogs are not in any particular order. I simply post them as I find them. Some happen to be older than others. Hopefully I’ve found all of them and from here on out they will be added in chronological order. You can also see the Wasatch Food blog by clicking here.

Coming to a SLC Magazine near you…(October Issue)

I was sitting in a lounge area reading magazines when I noticed that the October Issue of SLC Magazine was on the shelf. I’m not sure if this was just a fluke or if they really do distribute the magazines a month prior to the actual month they are supposed to represent. Anyways, Mary Malouf dedicated the first page of the restaurant guide to Chef Bowman Brown. It is essentially the same article that she posted on her online forum a few months ago with only some minor changes. Check it out:


Great article from the SLC Tribune

I’m playing catch-up so forgive me for old articles, although this article isn’t that old, and it happens to be my favorite article about Chef Brown. Finally an article where we actually learn something about him!


Recognition for Forage restaurant and Chef Brown in the UK

Last week the Utah food scene received some recognition from the UK based news conglomerate The Guardian in a travel special about the American West. In a specific column about the ten best places to eat in SLC Forage and Chef Brown made the list, last, but not least. The description of Forage is short with little information. The list was written by SLC blogger Becky Rosenthal (SLC Foodie).

Check out the piece below:

Two Busy Chefs

Chef Bowman just spent a few days down in Santa Fe cooking for the James Beard Celebrity Chef Tour. He joined about five other chefs in preparing a meal at Santa Fe’s Restaurant Martin.

At about the exact same time that Chef Bowman was in NM, the Food Network announced the new list of contestants for their new season of┬áThe Next Food Network Star. Chef Bowman’s business partner Chef Viet Pham made the list. Check out both stories:

Bobby Fill-ayed

Chef Bowman (CB) was sous chef alongside his business partner and Co-Owner of restaurant Forage, Chef Viet Pham (CP), on The Food Network’s Iron Chef America which aired on Sunday January 6th, 2013. Team Pham won the battle, and made their mark on the Iron Chef franchise with special dishes like Beef Fat Ice Cream and Halibut poached in beef flavored whey. Check out the links from the pre-hype and the aftermath: