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Fresh Caviar

Chef Bowman was recently acknowledged for his use of fresh salmon roe from a local salmon farmer. It is a neat article with some very cool pictures. The way the salmon is used by Chef Brown in his restaurant is  exciting and beautiful.



Foraging a major trend for 2014

This is a little old but good nonetheless. It was in a special for USA Today that handful of chefs around the country were highlighted for their foraging habits. Chef Bowman made the list. Unfortunately, they article didn’t include any photos of him or his restaurant.


James Beard semi-finalist

New blog post from Wasatch Food

Look at the blogs page to see the entire list of blogs that have mentioned Chef Bowman and/or Forage. Although the Wasatch Food blog at the top of the list is the most recent review from a food blogger that I’ve found, the rest of the blogs are not in any particular order. I simply post them as I find them. Some happen to be older than others. Hopefully I’ve found all of them and from here on out they will be added in chronological order. You can also see the Wasatch Food blog by clicking here.